The Sprout Hub concept is a simple idea that gives residents a place to call their own at the very beginning of a new housing development. There is usually quite a lag between when residents move in and when community infrastructure is built (community centres, sports pavilions), and Sprout Hub bridges that gap. During these early years, Sprout Hub aims to enable the community to grow ‘Social Capital’. What is ‘Social Capital’ you ask? Good question. It’s one of those swanky terms which basically means: knowing your neighbours, giving back, trusting each other and being supported by your community.


To put our model simply, we look at the café and our community events as being a draw card which brings lots of people to the Hub, then we stand back and let the magic happen; as people form new friendships, get involved in local clubs or associations, or even bring friends and family into the hub to join in the network. The Hub is the medium, the programming is the driver, and you, the community, are the energy and heart that powers it all along. Maybe people just enjoy a great coffee, and that’s perfectly fine too! The whole point is that these people, these pioneering early settlers, have a place to come together and celebrate being a part of this unique community.


Let’s face it, Sprout Hub is good looking. We truly believe that well thought out design and professional execution is that special sauce that makes a good space a great space. So much energy and effort went into the design of the Hub, we wanted to give the community a space they could be proud of, a space that was unique to the Alkimos Beach landscape and community. Sprout Hub Alkimos Beach is 80% recycled! Yep, 80%! It is also built to 5 star energy efficiency. And yes, that is a shipping container we are talking about, so this was no small feat. We sourced native recycled WA timbers, upcycled furniture and we found our inspiration in local landscapes and colours, and source local trades people to put it all together. We don’t believe in cookie cutter, we believe in bespoke and beautiful. We hope that you will be as proud of it as we are!


Alkimos Beach is a growing community about 40km north of Perth. Sitting in the growth area of the City of Wanneroo, Alkimos Beach is expected to reach approximately 6500 residents by 2025. We’ve been here from the very beginning, when only 6 houses were occupied, and we know there are many amazing things in the pipeline for the community. Already St James, the local school, is open and the very first kids are running through its gates every morning. We have a sports oval and lots of beautiful outdoor spaces, and in the near future we can look forward to active parks, beach access and a gateway shopping centre. To learn more about Alkimos Beach visit the website here.


Sprout Ventures is the company behind Sprout Hub, a social enterprise committed to stimulating social connection, trust, reciprocity and community contribution trhough its projects and products. Sprout Ventures is a B Corp Certified company, who won the Social Enterprise Innovation Award in 2015. At Sprout Ventures, some days we have to pinch ourselves at how lucky are we to work with such amazing partners. Lendlease and Landcorp have worked closely with us to develop this unique solution for Alkimos Beach. Their innovation, foresight and leadership in the space of community development is fantastic. You might not know this, but Lendlease leads the way nationally in the space of creating communities, not just building housing developments. In late 2015 a partnership with Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation (CEF) was initiated administer the Seedling Fund. With the CEF team managing finance and administration, and the Sprout Ventures team focusing on their strength areas of marketing, promotion and operational support, The Fund is set to be an agile and powerful way of delivering grassroots grants to the local communities it operates within. For more information on Sprout Hub’s across the country visit this site sproutventures.com.au

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